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I set up this blog to hopefully introduce those outside Japan to some of Japan's best music and a taste of Osaka and Kyoto's thriving underground music scene.

Alot of what I post will be CDR's and CD's sold by bands on the Kyoto/Osaka live circuit. Hopefully giving a little exposure to the bands outside Japan. The rest will be Japanese bands from pretty much any and every generation and genre. From 60's Rock'n'Roll and folk to 00's noise and electronica.

If anyone has an issue with me uploading their music please contact me and I'll remove the links immediatley. My intention is to introduce this music to new audiences. So please help support these bands by buying their releases or catching them live if you have the opportunity. Alot of these guys are working full time jobs on top of making great music. Please send comments, complaints, recommendations and seasonal greetings to stinkinhippy@hotmail.com

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ichiji Kujiru - Live At Shinjuku Motion (いちぢくぢる - ライブ@新宿モーシオン)

In japanese the word "Fuzakeru" (ふざける) means to playaround or joke about and it's a phrase often attatched to Kansai's bizarre and wonderful underground scene. Bands like the Oshiri Pens Penz and Kyojin Yueni Dekai exemplify the progressive but humorous approach to music left behind by the legacy of Osaka's underground legends The Boredoms. Ichi Kujiru are another such band. This drums and bass Kyoto two piece have just released their first album so I won't be uploading that just yet out of respect for the band but I will upload a 3-track CDR recording of a show they played at Tokyo's Shinjuku Motion. Amongst Ichiru's stop/start punk numbers are songs about wanting to be a girl, noodles, bananas and pricing schemes. Sadly much of the humour in the lyrics and the band's inbetween song ad libbed gags will be lost in translation but will probably seem no less bizarre. 

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